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Mission & Vision



The Cherokee Central School System will be a community where each student will graduate from high school, will be globally competitive for work and post-secondary education, will possess an appreciation for and an eagerness to preserve our nation, and will be prepared for life in the 21st century.




The Cherokee Central School System is committed to:

  •  Empowering our students
  •  Preserving our nation
  •  Ensuring our future


Goals for Cherokee Central Schools

  •  Cherokee Central Schools will produce globally competitive students with 21st century skills.
  •  Cherokee Central Schools will recruit and support highly qualified staff.
  •  Cherokee Central Schools’ students will be culturally, intellectually, emotionally, and physically supported.
  •  Cherokee Central Schools will encourage innovative leadership.
  •  Cherokee Central Schools will be guided, supported, and maintained by 21st century systems.

    Priorities (Guiding Principles) for Cherokee Central Schools

    o   All children can learn.

    o   Children are entitled to equal access to educational opportunities.

    o   All students should be provided a safe and orderly environment.

    o   Teachers and staff are professionals.

    o   There must be a strong relationship between business, community, and school.

    o   Teachers and staff must have high expectations for all students.

    o   School should be an inviting place.

    o   Families are an integral part of a student’s education.

    o   Students should actively be engaged in the learning process.

    o   Highly qualified staff should be recruited and nurtured.

    o   Students should be intellectually, emotionally, and physically fit.

    o   Students, teachers and staff should be lifelong learners.

    o   Cherokee culture should be integrated across the curriculum.

    o   Students’ cultural awareness and self-identity is vital to their success.

    o   Staff should be culturally sensitive and responsive to the needs of Cherokee students.