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Administration Directory

Superintendent Conseula Girty (828)554-5089 [email protected]
Secretary/ Receptionist Diane Driver (828)554-5095 [email protected]
Human Resources/Finance Director Howard Wahnetah (828)554-5093 [email protected]
High School Guidance Counselor Debbie Lambert  (828)554-5080 [email protected]
Human Resources Admin. Assistant Heather Driver (828)554-5096 [email protected]
Testing/ Data Management Director Beverly Payne (828)554-5008 [email protected]
Technology Director Carmen Davis (828)554-5051 [email protected]
Director of Cultural Arts Center and Public Relations Jessica Winchester (828)554-5124 [email protected]
Child Nutrition Director Tammy Parris (828)554-5090 [email protected]
Director of Facilities Management Jim Occuuma (828)554-5007 [email protected]
ESS Director Elizabeth Younce (828)554-5005 [email protected]
Hope Center Director   (828)554-5102
Elementary Principal Amanda Smoker (828)554-5034 [email protected]
Elementary Assistant Principal Mike Rogers (828)554-5065 [email protected]
Middle School Principal Joel Creasman (828)554-5097 [email protected]
Middle School Assistant Principal Keith Pinnix (828)554-5083 [email protected]
High School Principal Debora Foerst (828)554-5028 [email protected]
High School Assistant Principal Craig Barker (828)554-5009 [email protected]
High School Assistant Principal Brianna Bynum   [email protected]
Cultural Director Laura Pinnix (828)554-5004 [email protected]