Gearing Down

Dear Parents/Guardian
As we near the end of the Spring Semester/School Year, I want to take this opportunity to say thank.  I have enjoyed have your child in my classroom this year. 
It is time for students to buckle down and study for their final exams. We are still covering content material, but they have their notebooks and can be reviewing each.  
*We are working on the Physics content of Physical Science.  Students can be reviewing the Chemistry content as they have the material and notes in their notebooks.  If they will read over their chemistry notes or physics notes, depending on what class they are in, at least 20 minutes a night  this will strengthen their retention of the information.
*For Physics class we are also still covering content material.  Students have some form of homework each night.  
*All students need to stay on top of any homework assignments for the content we are studying now.  Please check to see what they are studying and check to see if they are completing assignments.  I want each of my students to be successful.  But that takes a little effort on their part. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email me.  My information is below.
Thank You.
Mrs. Denton 
Science Teacher CHS
828-554-5030 ext. 19203