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Baskets I & II

Teacher: Lori Reed

In these classes, we will learn about the historical and traditional uses and methods for making baskets.  We will also learn about the materials traditionally used for Cherokee basketry.


Students will learn how to process the basket making materials on their own, from scraping their splints to trimming their splints and building a basket.  Students will learn how to prepare the number and size of splints needed for the specific type of basket they will be making.

Students learn how to work up their own materials using white oak and river cane splints.  Students will be responsible for safely using basket making tools, such as knives and scissors.


Arts & Crafts I & II

Teacher: Lori Reed


In this class, students will be learning about Cherokee Traditional Arts and Crafts: Pottery, Baskets, Beadwork and Textiles, which will include finger weaving and embroidery.

Students will learn the historical and traditional materials and uses of these arts and crafts.  They will create required products from each unit, following guidelines given in class.